Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Cell-phone follies: A first that our shul could have lived without

Not only did this congregant let his/her cell phone ring repeatedly throughout the Shabbat/Sabbath service without making any move to turn it off, or even to reduce the volume, but she/he actually answered a call without leaving the sanctuary, and conducted an entire phone conversation while my husband was giving a d'var Torah (Bible discussion).  Talk about distracting!  Let's not even discuss the fact that. barring an emergency, carrying anything in a public place on Shabbat is a violation of halachah (Jewish religious law)--in this case, I think that the more important issue was the complete lack of derech eretz/common courtesy.  Seriously, how rude can you get?  It's a given that one doesn't leave a cell phone turned on and let it ring throughout a concert.  Why would anyone think that it's any less rude to let a cell phone ring while people are trying to pray?

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